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I’m a work at home mom to two grade schoolers and I’ve been married to my husband for the past 19 years. I am also the owner of Family, Love and Other Stuff and you can find me writing about my travels, product reviews, and entertainment when I’m not reading romance novels.

I’ve been reading romance novels since I turned 39. Since then, I haven’t stopped. When I was growing up my mom would always have a romance paperback next to her, but I never saw the appeal. Yeah, now I wish I had picked up one much sooner! I tend to lean towards sweet and steamy reads, but not too dark. Although, I’ve found a few dark reads that I absolutely recommend.

I am open to reading any genre within the Romance category and will provide honest opinions to my readers, as that is what I would expect from other reviewers.

3 Things About Me

1. I need coffee to survive

2. My husband says I make the best meatloaf ever

3. I’m a closet NKOTB fan

4. I’m obsessed with Nathan Fillion. *See picture above.

Author or Publicist? I’m available for both reviews and giveaways. My Media Kit will give you a little more information about what I can offer. Contact me at sherry@recommendedromance.com with any questions.

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