Badger by Dale Mayer Excerpt

Badger: SEALS of Steel by Dale Mayer
SEALs of Steel Series Book 1
Release Date May 08, 2018


When Badger Horley, a SEAL, and the rest of his eight-man unit hit an antitank landmine on a routine reconnaissance mission, all were badly injured, but one of his men died. Having only joined a year before, he’d been the youngest member of the squad. Mouse left behind unanswered questions about his life…along with seven team members who aim to see that his tragic death is brought home to those responsible.

Badger’s path back to health is a long and difficult one, but revenge drives him out of bed every single day of his life. Someone modified orders the morning of the incident, sending his unit straight over that landmine. At the time the altered route had been given to him, he’d been curious but not unduly concerned. What happened to his squad has brought unwavering clarity: Those last-minute changes and the explosion that shattered his team were deliberate–and he means to catch the perpetrator if it’s the last thing he ever does.

Kat Greenwald watches the man she’s falling in love with fester a little more each time they’re together. Refusing to give himself time to heal, not surprisingly he hasn’t taken to his prosthetic well. As a prosthetic designer, she’s dealt with men and women in endless physical and emotional states. Badger is different. He’s driven, determined and deadly, but she can’t help her feelings despite the negatives. She’s hooked on a man whose sole concern seems to be in getting retribution for the incident that left his team in shards…while all she wants is a future happily-ever-after with him. Kat has a long road ahead of her to convince Badger a life filled with love is always preferable to answers that can only be gained at the risk of dying to get them.


Kat Greenwald reached for her screwdriver and gently tightened the last adjustment on the state-of-the-art prosthetic leg in front of her. This was a new design, with a wider top, better balance, less material overall, but she hoped it was also stronger. Not the usual carbon fiber and polypropylene. Titanium had been added to the base, with a few other metals mixed in for strength. It still wouldn’t be enough.

The man to wear this one was bent on destruction and refused to have the last surgery that would make his mobility that much better and his pain that much less. In her mind, she’d pegged the reason as he didn’t care—or didn’t think he’d live long enough to be bothered.

And she could do or say nothing to stop him from his chosen path. With a heavy sigh, she stood and passed the prosthetic to Badger Horley.

Without a word, he took it, examined the changes she’d just made, gave a quick nod and put it on over the soft cotton wrapping on his stump. He stood and walked around the room.

Kat watched the huge man in front of her. He’d walked into her office and lab six months ago, desperate for her to put a leg on the end of his stump. But he hadn’t been ready. The flesh on his stump hadn’t healed enough. Any pressure caused a flare up and swelling, followed by infection. But he’d been adamant. He was determined to get on with his life.

She watched his face, not the leg, as he stepped around the room. The stump wasn’t healed enough for her liking even now. He needed to stay off it for another three weeks. But that took her back to his stubbornness.

“You shouldn’t stay on the leg more than ten to fifteen minutes at a time,” she warned. “Otherwise you’ll end up damaging the tissue next to the prosthetic, and the stump’ll never heal. You know perfectly well your last infection damn near killed you.”

He shot her a hard look but stayed silent.

She shrugged. “Or don’t look after yourself. See if I care.”

“It’s not that bad.”

“Right.” She kept the rest of her thoughts to herself. When she came across somebody as driven and as angry as a badger, his namesake, she needed to stay the hell out of his way. The trouble was, she didn’t want to stay out of his way. And the last thing she wanted was for him to head off on his personal vendetta. Revenge was a bitch. And it wouldn’t keep him warm at night. There was always a price to pay when you went down that road.

Still, she had one more thing she could try.

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About the Author

Dale Mayer is a prolific multi-published writer. She’s best known for her Psychic Vision Series. Besides her romantic suspense/thrillers, Dale also writes paranormal romance and crossover young adult books in different genres.

To go with her fiction, she writes nonfiction in many different fields with books available on resume writing, companion gardening, and the US mortgage system.

She has recently published her Career Essentials Series.

All her books are available in print and digital format.

And then there’s her poetry…

My Path

As I walk forward on my path to the future,

I choose laughter, love, and light as my sutures,

stitching together my lifetime of choices,

as the essential fabric of my being rejoices

in the love, friendships, and faith that follow

the steps I take as I flow into my tomorrow.

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