Chef d’Amour by Brenda Margriet Review

My Review of Chef d’Amour by Brenda Margriet

Heartwarming, honest, and believable.

Brenda Margriet has created believable characters with heart, love, and passion. Sweet and romantic, Chef d’Amour hits all the right notes for a beach day read. This book offers a behind the scenes view of a reality TV show and how love can be found where we least expect it.

Brenda Margriet builds the character background, including interaction with both Paul and Jemma’s families. I felt like I was sitting in the living room with Jemma’s grandmother and in the restaurant with Paul’s dad. All the little details added to the overall picture of the story and made it flow easily.

Paul is a sexy, single, restaurant owner and Jemma is a down-on-her-luck woman looking for a new job. Their paths cross more than once, but could they be looking for what the other has to offer? Can love be found behind the scenes of the show? I enjoyed the connection that Paul and Jemma had with each other, their banter, and how they continued to try to do the right thing.

If you are looking for a great, easy read with just the right amount of angst and swooning, check out Chef d’Amour by Brenda Margriet.

★ ★ ★ ★ Stars

  • Paul as a BBF: ★ ★ ★ 1/2
  • Hotness Level: ★ ★ 1/2
  • Swoon Level: ★ ★

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About the Author

Brenda’s love of books began as a child.  She ran into the living room holding “Old Hat, New Hat”, tripped and smashed into the corner of the coffee table.  The book sustained a deep gouge in its cover, and Brenda has never forgotten its sacrifice.

As a teenager, she saved babysitting money to buy a typewriter.  It had an electric keyboard with manual return, and cost more than $300.  She clacked away at that for hours.

Her first finished novel was still decades away, even though many others died on the page in the intervening years.  It wasn’t until her husband bought her her very own laptop for Christmas 2010 that she managed to type “The End” on what would eventually be MOUNTAIN FIRE.

Brenda lives in Northern British Columbia with her husband, three children (all of whom are taller than her) and various finny and furry pets. By day she is Production Manager at the local television station, and by night she pecks away at her works in progress.

Brenda would love to hear from you!  Send her an email, or connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Goodreads and even Google+. You can find my Amazon Author Page here.



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