Finding Tomorrow by Kahlen Aymes Release & Excerpt

Finding Tomorrow by Kahlen Aymes



From USA Today bestselling author Kahlen Aymes comes a new, sexy standalone novel.

A complete STAND-ALONE follow-up to Kahlen’s smash hit, Trading Yesterday!

Outwardly, my life was rocking. As a sportscaster at ESPN, I’ve traveled the world, attending the most prestigious sporting events, and meeting all sorts of famous people. I have great friends, and women whenever I want them, but I miss the little girl I helped raise and still adore. My heart was broken when my best friend came back to step in as her dad, but at least my career was on the uptick.

That was until Missy Ellington sailed into my network intent on stealing the promotion I was counting on. There was no way I’d let her get in the way of a new job would that would allow me to spend more time with my little Remi.

Missy was beautiful and smart, but her relentless ambition and cool demeanor were off-putting as hell. She had an underlying vulnerability that hinted she was not all she pretended to be. At first, she came off as a shrew with a serious aversion to men, but there was underlying pain in her eyes that went deeper, and I was determined to find out the reason.

When I discovered Missy’s single-minded ferociousness to succeed was driven by a painful past and a little boy named Dylan, the protector in me kicked in and I was drawn to her even more… like a moth to a flame.

A stunning and emotional follow-up to Trading Yesterday! Will Jensen get his HAPPILY EVER AFTER?

The Trading Yesterday Series are stand-alone novels, but it will be a richer reading experience if you read them in order!

1. Trading Yesterday (Now Available WIDE)

2. Finding Tomorrow (April 7, Wide – 10, KU)

3. Embracing Today (July 2019)

4. Forever and Always (Oct. 2019)



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Exclusive Excerpt

(for readers 17+)

“Jensen, please,” her voice broke on a sob.  “Please don’t do this! Just let it go!”

Instantly my anger faded and sighing heavily. I navigated my way through the small, crowded office to where she sat behind the desk and lifted her into my arms.  She started to cry hard, clutching the front of my shirt. My arms wrapped around her and one hand cupped the back of her silky blonde head. She felt frail in my arms; thinner in just the few days since I’d seen her.

“Babe, you have to tell me what’s going on,” I insisted softly, turning my head so I could kiss her temple. “I assume he has a job here.”

She nodded, crying harder and unable to answer me.  My arms tightened. “It’ll be okay. I promise.”

I held her for a few minutes, waiting for her crying to subside.  I rubbed her back gently; brushing light kisses down the side of her face from her temple, over her cheekbone to the corner of her mouth.

“Why couldn’t I have met you, first?” Tears still laced her soft voice.

My heart filled, expanded and threatened to explode.  “It doesn’t matter when you met me, I’m here now, and I’m not going anywhere.”

The fingers clutching the front of my shirt relaxed and slid up my chest and around my neck, into the hair at my nape.  Then, I used both hands to tilt her head back just enough so I could crush her mouth beneath mine. My eyes closed and my hands moved to cup her gorgeous face.

Missy whimpered.  I couldn’t tell if she was protesting or giving in to my love and lust; the same desire I knew she felt for me.

She stilled in my arms for a split second.  Still, my mouth plundered hers until she let me in.  Her lips opened at the same time her hands slid up my arms and chest until we were kissing like we were starving for one another.  I turned her around and backed her up against her desk, bending to slide my hands down her perfect ass down her thighs. I pulled her skirt up, then easily lifted her onto its edge of the desk and pushed my way between her legs.

Missy moaned, and her hands fisted in my hair and pulled my mouth tighter against her.  We were wild, hungry; our kisses growing more and more passionate.

She arched her body against mine, and I ground my hips into hers. “Christ,” I breathed into her mouth. “I want you, Missy. You belong with me.”

I didn’t care if we’d both got fired.  The need was bigger than both of us.

She was pulling at my shoulders and arms as I leaned my weight into her.  My swollen dick was throbbing, and I was dying for release. The time apart from her after such a passionate night was more than I could handle. Her lips were greedy, and mine were equally insatiable, pulling and sucking on her mouth.  So delicious.

“Jensen,” she breathed my name into my mouth almost like a plea. “Mmmmmm.”

My hand reached under the hem of her dress, between her open legs until I found the damp silk beneath. I used my finger to pull them away from her center. She was warm and slick; ready.  I pushed two fingers inside her, using my thumb to rub small circles on her clit. I loved the little sounds she made when I loved her. God, she was hot.

I dropped my head to her shoulder in defeat, knowing we couldn’t stop. Her head fell back, and her lips parted as her body responded, clenching around my fingers and I pushed them first in, then out, of her.

Her hands fumbled with my belt buckle, and in seconds, my engorged cock was free. One arm snaked around her hips as the other guided myself tip to her entrance, and I pushed into her with one hard thrust.

It felt amazing, as we moved together; each of us clinging, our hips heaving, our mouths feasting.  I dragged my mouth down her neck, sucking and lightly biting. Missy wrapped around me, legs around my waist, arms around my shoulders and head.

I was panting hard, lost in her body, lost in this all-consuming love that was burning me from the inside out. I was helpless as I moved in and out of her, pushing us both mindlessly to our release.  I could feel her muscles clench around me as she let go; feel my own orgasm build to the point of no return.

“Missy,” I groaned out her name.

Her arms tightened, and one hand covered my mouth as I came hard.

I fell forward, one hand pressing down on the top of her desk to take my weight.  I was breathing hard, still convulsing as the aftershocks shook through us both.

I sucked in a deep breath and gently disengaged from the woman who now owned me.  I closed my pants then pulled Missy forward until her feet found the floor, and putting an arm around her to steady her, I used my free hand to pull the hem of her skirt back in place.

When her eyes opened, she stared at me with tear-filled eyes.

“See? You love, me,” I said, gently brushing a loose tendril of hair back behind her ear.  “So, enough of this nonsense about breaking up.”

She swallowed and licked her lips.  “Sex isn’t love.” She was doing her best to deny what was between us, but the tears in her eyes belied her emotions.

“You’re right. But you know damn well, that was love.  It’s been love since the first time,” I said softly.

Tears tumbled from her eyes, as her arms slid up around my neck.  I pulled her tight against my chest, kissing the side of her face tenderly.

I could have held her all day, but I needed to find out what the hell happened in the past forty-eight hours that could cause this meltdown.

Would she find forever in his arms?

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From USA Today bestselling author Kahlen Aymes comes a new, sexy standalone novel.

A complete STAND-ALONE follow-up to Kahlen’s smash hit, Trading Yesterday!

The Trading Yesterday Novels are stand-alone novels, but it will be a richer reading experience if you read them in order!

1. Trading Yesterday

2. Finding Tomorrow

3. Embracing Today (July 2019)

4. Forever and Always (Oct. 2019)

Kahlen Aymes Collections:

The Remembrance Trilogy Series

1. Before Ryan Was Mine (Series prequel)

2. The Future of Our Past

3. Don’t Forget to Remember Me

4. A Love Like This

BOX SET: Mad, Mad Love

The After Dark Series

1. Angel After Dark

2. Confessions After Dark

3. Promises After Dark

BOX SET: After Dark, The Complete Series

The FAMOUS Novel Series


2. More than FAMOUS

3. Beyond FAMOUS

BOX SET: Reel to REAL.

About the author:

Kahlen Aymes writes sexy new adult and adult contemporary romance novels. She loves to pen a lot of angst and soulmate love connections. You’ll find yourself lost inside her books with passionate, yet sensitive, alpha-males, sports stars, billionaires, sexy doctors, second-chance love, strong heroines, and relatable plots. READERS ARE THE REASON SHE WRITES so please follow her on all social media platforms!

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