I AM THE STORM by Geri Foster Excerpt


I Am the Storm by Geri Foster

Storm Warning Book 5

Release Date: January 08, 2019



Newly pinned Rainwater Detective, David Anderson is thrilled with his promotion, and it’s just as impressive to the ladies. Living a bachelor’s dream, the sun is shining in his little slice of heaven, and things can’t get much better. He should’ve known storm clouds would eventually roll in. They blew into town with the arrival of a blast from his past. The one-night-stand he never forgot. She’s in trouble and hiding a secret.Amelia Townhouse can’t think of anywhere else togo for help except the recently promoted Detective in Rainwater, Texas. She and her daughter, and the information she possesses that got her boss murdered in Dallas, will only be safe with him. She risks the chance he will turn his back on her as he had years earlier.Years of resentment had her convinced that their night together meant nothing to the local playboy.Can they learn to forgive? Will David accept his new position as a daddy? Can Candi trust him ever? Will love win this battle? Find out in IAM THE STORM!


Amelia Hightower stood beside her car in the darkened shadows between light posts on the quiet, residential street, tapping her foot restlessly. Her heart hammered hard at the thought of what she had to do.

The truth had to come out and David would probably not believe her about any of what she had to say, but for too long she’d stayed away. Away from her hometown and old friends, from the life she’d wanted but couldn’t have.

Time to come home.

She tried to push herself toward the sidewalk, across the street and to his door, but her feet refused to move. The life she had known for the past five years was about to change…maybe not for the better.

Flattening her body against the side of the car, she took a deep breath, hoping it’d ignite some courage. It didn’t work, and she considered, briefly calling the whole thing off, but…no. Clenching her teeth, she shook her head. The mess that ensnarled her life wouldn’t let her walk away this time. Not with so much at risk.

As she’d watched him walk up his drive and go inside, David had appeared drunk. Perhaps she’d wait until tomorrow, when she could be sure he’d remember she stopped by to drop a bombshell on his head. She shook her head harshly. No, she couldn’t put this off. Besides, with what she had to say, he’d sober up pretty quickly.

Decision made, she tugged the bottom of her short top down—why did she wear this one—and took a shaky step forward. Fighting back nauseating panic, she clenched her jaw and forced herself to put one foot in front of the other until she was standing directly in front of his door.

She knew she had to do this but, still, she fought the urge to turn and run away. Before actually following through on that thought, she reached up and defiantly rang the doorbell.

Then waited.

She rang it again, anger mounting.


Considering the state he’d been in, he probably came home and passed out. Typical. “Immature, irresponsible, selfish,” she uttered the words furiously under her breath, turning to leave just as the door opened and the porch flooded with light.

Surprised, she jumped back and gasped. She’d prepared herself to see him, but the man facing her now, and the state he was in, was not at all what she’d expected. David Anderson stood in the doorway bare-chested with his dress pants undone. The sight of his dark chest hair traveling down his stomach to disappear in his waistband sucked every ounce of oxygen from her lungs.

She figured he’d changed. She certainly had. But she hadn’t counted on him still being so damn good looking. No, even more good looking, because now he was all man. So broad, so muscular, and so sexy he could be on the cover of a romance novel. She licked her lips, swallowed and lowered her gaze.

She refused to continue staring at him like a lustful, young teenager. That’s not what this was about. What would he think? She wanted a repeat? No, this was serious. How could she expect him to take her seriously if while talking to him she kept drooling?




About the Author:


For as long as she can remember, Geri Foster has been a lover of reading and the written word. By the seventh grade she had worn out two library cards and had read every book in her age area of the library. After raising a family and saying good-bye to the corporate world, she tried her hand at writing.To her surprise, she won a couple of contests, hooked up with a really great critique group and her writing career was well on its way. She spent several years studying her craft and developing her voice.Action, intrigue, danger and sultry romance drew her like a magnet. That’s why she had no choice but to launch her published career with action-romance suspense. While she reads every genre under the sun, she’s always been drawn to guns, bombs and fighting men. Secrecy and suspense move her to write edgy stories about daring and honorable heroes who manage against all odds to end up with their one true love.To keep the serious side of life at bay, Geri likes to write sexy short stories for her fans. In the Women of Courage series, Geri explores the deeper, darker nuances of life and relationships in small-town mid-century America.


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