My Summer in Seoul by Rachel Van Dyken review

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken comes a standalone new adult romance set in the competitive world of K-pop.

It’s not all K-dramas and happily ever afters. 

Intern with Korea’s number one record label? Yes, please. 
Find out there’s a huge scandal I need to help “manage”… not so much. 
Add in the fact that I don’t recognize the “superstars” of the label and think they’re interns…
And my dream job quickly becomes more of a nightmare.

But I’m in Seoul, the one place that is beginning to feel more and more like home…
Except it isn’t home, and the drama surrounding the biggest K-pop group in the world, SWT, is consuming my every moment. 
Spoiler alert. They hate me. 
Everything I do is wrong: wrong clothes, wrong honorifics, wrong manners. 
Till the leader of SWT takes pity on me.
But pity is dangerous when it comes from someone as beautiful as him. 

Every SWT member is gorgeous, perfect, and cultivated to be an idol… lethal to a girl’s heart.
And sanity. 
But fame plus a perfect face and voice don’t equal an easy life. As their comeback nears, the stakes rise higher. 
Suicide watch…
Angry fans…

All I want to do is survive. 
But the price for survival might mean losing my heart.
And like a character in a K-drama, I’m not sure if there will be an actual happily ever after…
Or simply a lesson learned.

My Review of My Summer in Seoul by Rachel Van Dyken

I think we’ve all got a bit of Grace in us. To sum it up–she is the quintessential non-swimmer thrown into the deep end of the pool. Rachel Van Dyken throws us all in the deep end with Grace so that we can watch her navigate life outside of the states, in a culture she’s never been immersed in before.

As someone who has never heard a K-pop song and who knows nothing about K-pop, I can adamantly say that RVD has given her readers an engaging and emotional experience. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for in a good book? My Summer in Seoul has all the emotions and engaging dialogue, plus she’s added some drama and romance to make this the best novel I’ve read in a while.

From awkward moments to bullies, we are there as Grace handles it all. While Grace’s heart goes on a wild roller coaster ride, we are along for the entire experience. Even if you’ve never listened to K-pop, read My Summer in Seoul and enjoy the journey!

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About the Author

Rachel Van Dyken is the #1 New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of over 90 books ranging from contemporary romance to paranormal. With over four million copies sold, she’s been featured in Forbes, US Weekly, and USA Today. Her books have been translated in more than 15 countries. She was one of the first romance authors to have a Kindle in Motion book through Amazon publishing and continues to strive to be on the cutting edge of the reader experience. She keeps her home in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, adorable sons, naked cat, and two dogs. 

For more information about her books and upcoming events, visit

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