Royal Bully by Rachel Van Dyken Review

The prequel to the much anticipated Mafia Royals Romances…
This is Asher and Claire’s story.

Something dark this way comes. He’s gorgeous, mean, and mine. He catches me dreaming about him, and then just like my dream, he decides to make me his. I should have said no when he asked me to swear fealty to him. The knife clued me in first. The blood second. And third, it was the blessing of the most famous mafia bosses in the known world as they sat around the dinner table and told me that I had no choice but to join. Because they knew my secrets. And running meant I was nothing more than target practice. I said yes, because of my bully. And he told me he’d keep me safe. But who keeps me safe from him?

My Review of Royal Bully

My heart can’t take this. Period. Full stop. You thought the original Eagle Elite Series was tough; I have a feeling that the Mafia Royals Romance Series will be so much tougher if this prequel is any indication.

This series is an offshoot of the Eagle Elite Series, but you need not have read the series for this series to make sense to you. They are separate in that this is a new set of characters-the children of the original mafia badasses.

I went into Royal Bully with my heart open wide for these characters because I cherished their parents’ stories. Nothing could have prepared me for the beating my heart took, after starting so hopefully. It was ripped out, stomped on, and mutilated, then placed back in my chest. Finally, I was given a pat on the head and told that Royal Princess is coming out soon.

That’s how I feel after reading Royal Bully. Like Rachel Van Dyken used some of her defiantly evil literary devices to torture us. She included so much hope, sadness, love, and misery in one short prequel and I want more. This story is brilliant and I for one cannot wait to read more of Asher (Marco) and Claire, along with the rest of their stories.

5 Mafia Loving Stars

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