Stalking His Mate by Dianna Love Excerpt

Stalking His Mate by Dianna Love

League of Galize Shifters, Book 3

Release Date: November 08, 2018

New York Times bestseller Dianna Love’s Gallize shifters are back with an action packed adventure, a sexy love story and a twist no one saw coming.

Having spent her life as a captive, Siofra escapes when her power surfaces to save her from an attack, which exposes her as a nonhuman. All she wants to do is find her brother who is also being hunted, then vanish to live free from shifters. That was the plan and it would have worked if a golden-eyed jaguar shifter hadn’t stepped between her and a dangerous jackal, throwing a major kink in her escape when she falls for the sexy protector.

Rory didn’t choose to be a jaguar shifter and is determined to not mate even though he faces death from the Gallize mating curse if he doesn’t. The end may come sooner than he expects when his jaguar loses the ability to heal them, but that doesn’t prevent Rory from racing in to save a young woman from a vicious predator. The moment Siofra is in his arms and his power reaches out to hers, he struggles against the primal pull of the one woman he’s drawn to as a mate. Even if he didn’t feel the need to end his bloodline, she hates shifters.

None of that will matter if Rory fails to stop the deadly Black River Pack from using Siofra in a grisly experiment when she’s caught in a trap.



The Guardian believed he was killing his animal.

Rory had no idea if he was doing the right thing by telling a stranger, but he could feel his life force dwindling. He’d ignored it for too long.

She had no reason to trust him, but she had once. If she would again, he had a feeling he could find his way out of the mess he and his jaguar were in.

Could a nymph repair him beyond what his Guardian had accomplished?

She chewed on her lip again, but this time she seemed to be considering something and said, “I felt your power, too. It was … huge, strong. I’ve seen jackal shifters heal fast and I never got the sense that they were as powerful as you.”

There was a new snippet of information.

Where had she been around jackal shifters to observe them?

She was starting to give him tiny bits of truth, which he interpreted as tiny steps toward trusting. His instincts said this was huge for a woman on the run, and that he needed to move ahead carefully.

He let the topic of jackal shifters be for now and answered her. “I am more powerful than most shifters when entirely healthy, but there is no absolute rule for any shifter.” That sounded better than admitting he and his jaguar couldn’t fix this problem. “My boss is a powerful healer. He worked on my leg and it’s on the mend.”

Lie, Ferrell sniped at him.

Now his jaguar wanted to use words?

Mate heal.

Rory sent back, I’m trying to fix whatever is wrong with us, but she is not our mate.

His jaguar remained quiet, and felt withdrawn. Not a good sign.

Ferrell didn’t even send him a bloody image. That was actually a bad sign. Was his animal giving up on them? What the hell had Rory done to fuck this up so badly?

Siofra’s gaze dropped to the leg he’d been rubbing. He lifted his hand away, a kneejerk reaction to anyone noticing him in a weakened state.

Ridiculous action, considering he’d already admitted the wound was not healed.

She stood up with her hand on the back door and leaned over to keep from hitting the roof. The hospital gown hung on her like a sack.

He went on immediate alert.

Was she about to jump, thinking he wouldn’t go after her with a damaged leg? If so, she was very mistaken.

No, she squatted down and leaned forward on her knees, then reached out to touch his leg. She paused at the last second, staring at his black fatigues, and looked up with big eyes. “Can I see it?”

His heart thundered in his chest.

He wanted her to touch him in the worst way and not just to heal his leg. That was just plain strange. He shook off the crazy thought and focused again.

She was still waiting for his answer.

“Sure. You can see it, but I warn you it’s not a pretty sight.” He pulled up the pants leg until he revealed the hideous collage of raw muscle, bones and skin trying to regenerate.

She cringed, but to her credit she didn’t throw up.

He wouldn’t take any drugs to dull the throbbing out of fear it would slow his healing even more. Based on what the Guardian had done, his leg should have mended more by now.

The sadness in her eyes touched him in a way that few things did. He didn’t want her pity, though. He’d closed off his emotions years ago to survive being a Gallize shifter after losing his brother and ultimately his family.

She barely spoke. “You really think I can heal this? I’d like to do that for you, but I’m not sure I know how.”  

No one got through to him, really deep inside him, but the genuine concern in her voice woke his heart with a jolt.




Dianna started out life as a photorealistic artist and launched her first business at the age of seventeen out of necessity. She was living on her own and working two jobs so she started painting signs and murals every free minute she could find. It wasn’t long before she had a following that allowed her to give up three other jobs. Years later, while painting over a hundred feet in the air, she started making up stories to keep herself entertained during the long days. That’s when she penned her first novel, which won the prestigious Daphne Du Maurier and Golden Heart® awards prior to being published by a New York house. Dianna has written urban fantasy, romantic thrillers, young adult sci-fi/fantasy and a nonfiction (writing reference) books. Her Belador urban fantasy series continues in January 2017 with Dragon KING OF TREOIR and she’s also working on the HAMR Brotherhood, a new romantic suspense line of stories. When she’s not in her writing cave in Peachtree City, GA (near Atlanta), she’s down on the Gulf coast fishing or off on a motorcycle adventure on her BMW bike.

Dianna loves to meet readers online and at live events. Be sure to step up and say hello when you see her out and about.

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