Tripping on a Halo by Alessandra Torre Review

Tripping on a Halo

by Alessandra Torre

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Cover Designer: Perfect Pear Creative Covers

Release Date: December 7, 2018



It’s really hard to save a guy’s life when he keeps running from you.

You might be asking yourself why I’m waving an inflatable penis in the air and screaming at the top of my lungs. If I took time to explain, Declan Moss would get hit by a bus.

Let me back up. I didn’t ask for this. I was perfectly happy—and perfectly sane—before I was tasked with keeping Declan Moss alive. It was a thankless job until the moment that my panties dropped and his delicious smirk found his way in between my thighs.

Hello, toe-curling ecstasy. Goodbye, professional boundaries. And suddenly, there’s a new danger to avoid: the falling of my heart.

My Review of Tripping on a Halo by Alessandra Torre

Tripping on a Halo by Alessandra Torre is the best book of 2018! With fun, unique, sometimes quirky characters and fantastic dialogue it is a must-read. Once I picked up the book I did not put it down – at all. It was a wonderfully written romantic comedy with heart-tugging elements. 

Autumn Jones is unlike any character I’ve read before. She follows her path and nothing will stand in her way of doing what she sets out to do. That sounds all fine and good, but she’s a bit over the top and a bit unconventional at times. I honestly think that’s what makes her such a memorable character. She has so much heart and can still sometimes come across as a bit awkward. 

Now, as for Declan Moss, he is a man’s man and has this sweet as hell center. Like he’s gooey on the inside and sexy on the outside. I don’t know how to describe him exactly, but he’s also a little funny and sweet and I love the way he and Autumn find their way through the journey, together. 

The peripheral characters stand out, Autumn’s sister is the sometimes voice of reason. Nate, Declan’s best friend and the man who should get the next book (hint, hint). Even Mr. Oinks leaves a somewhat lasting impression (i.e. so many farts!). 

I enjoyed the pacing of Tripping on a Halo and that you didn’t always know what was coming around the next corner, or in the next chapter. I fell in love with all these characters and their unique qualities, the dialogue, and their fascinating story. 

BEST BOOK OF 2018! Grab a seat, get cozy, and read this wonderful story filled with hope and heart. 

Stars: ★★★★★ 

Side note: Something that most people may not know is that there are a lot of locations in this book that I’ve been to before and when she talks about them I find it funny. Such as the old women in The Villages. You should Google it because I’m sure there’d be some interesting stories. 



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Alessandra Torre is an award-winning New York Times bestselling author of fourteen novels. Her books focus on romance and suspense. Torre has been featured in such publications as Elle and Elle UK, as well as guest blogged for the Huffington Post and RT Book Reviews. She is also the Bedroom Blogger for


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